And a few more words on the attacks on the healthcare bill . . .

Potentially more troubling than Republican assertions that they will fight to repeal the bill (H.R 3590), soon to be the act (Pub.L. 111-148?), is the charge of several Republican Attorneys General being led by Bill McCollum of Florida.  Putting aside whatever legitimate arguments concerning the 9th and 10th amendments may be advanced in their argument, McCollum’s apparent self-appointment as spokesman for this group is blatantly political.  I recall McCollum’s first run for Congress thirty years ago, when I lived in Volusia County, Florida.  It was apparent then that our political philosophies were diametrically opposed, and this has been confirmed many times during his career, including most notably his service as a manager of the Clinton impeachment resolution in the House of Representatives.  McCollum is presently a candidate to succeed Charlie Crist as governor.  I hope this process will be resolved quickly in the courts, not agonizingly in  the media, but I know that mine is a futile wish.

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