An Empty Nest Summer

The summer season, which astronomically does not begin until the solstice, but for vacationing, socializing, and summer trips begins with Memorial Day weekend, will be an unusual one for my wife Lisa and me. Our son Micah, who is approaching his twenty-first birthday late in the summer, will be spending two months with one of […]

Fooled me once…

Today likely presidential candidate Jeb Bush tried to shift attention from his flubbing the “what would you have done” question about invading Iraq by blaming President Obama for the presence of and gains made by ISIS/ISIL in Iraq. Bush not only conveniently ignores that it was the 2003 invasion and its aftermath that totally destabilized Iraq, but […]

Article in Print, But Not Quite Right

While I am always pleased to have an article in print, I need to point out that my latest one, “Like Mark Twain: The Death of Academic Law Libraries Is An Exaggeration,” 106 Law Libr. J. 521 (2014) is not the correct version. Somewhere in the production process the edits I had submitted were lost, and a […]