The Value of A Professional Organization

I believe disclaimers should be in front of the text to which they relate. Otherwise, the reader may start out making an assumption that turns out to be wrong. Accordingly, I note that while I am a member of the AALL executive board, this blog post, as all others on this blog, represents solely my […]

And we’re back…

…after a blogging hiatus of eight months. I apologize, dear reader. (I use the singular of reader in the literal sense.) Much has gone on that has escaped my comment: in public news, the national elections; the Newtown, Connecticut shootings; the inaugural and state of the union addresses; the bombing in Boston last week. I […]

AALL Membership and Caucus Issues to be Considered by Board #AALL11

Nearly lost among the online discussion of the antitrust policy proposal are two other issues before the AALL executive board.  The board will consider passing a resolution instructing the Bylaws and Resolutions Committee to revisit the membership categories provided in that governing document. Specifically, the committee is requested to • review membership categories of similar associations […]

More to say on the AALL Antitrust Proposal and Reaction

Yesterday afternoon, several hours after online discussion of the AALL draft Antitrust Policy became active, organization president Joyce Manna Janto sent out a mass email to membership and posted remarks announcing the consideration of the proposal by the board, and assuring readers that the draft would not be adopted by the board “as written.”  In […]

Questions for the AALL Executive Board and Its Antitrust Counsel – #AALL11

Reader beware:  I have never been an antitrust attorney, and I have not been a member of the bar since 1996.  Hence my trepidation in opining on this subject.  The Internet is abuzz this morning about proposed AALL antitrust policies to be considered by the Executive Board this week, before most members attending the annual […]