In a movie theater, merely silence is not golden. Turn off your $#%* phone!

Beyond my concerns with drivers distracted by their texting on phones while driving lies my pet peeve with moviegoers who insist on texting or reading messages during the movie.  Most theaters now display an on-screen reminder, typically sponsored by a wireless carrier, to “Silence your phone.”  Would that was enough in this day and age.  As much as a conversation during a movie is an assault on the ears, a fully lighted mobile screen in any of the rows in front of me, held in plain view of the rest of us, is an assault on the eyes.  It has no less effect than if you had turned on a Mag-lite® and shone it directly into my eyes.  If you want to waste your $10 on a movie ticket by texting instead of watching the screen, step into the lobby.  I’d like to see the film without the distraction of your multi-candlepower mobile device flashing in front of me.

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