A few words on the passage of healthcare reform, and the racist protestors…

In a prior post, regarding the hubbub generated when the president wanted to address the nation’s schoolchildren, I attibuted most of that furor to racism.  This past weekend’s racially motivated behavior at the healthcare protests outside the Capitol offered more of the same.  Many of those who protest the passage of the act base their objection on a principled disagreement with its means; some fewer number with a disagreement with its ends; and a still smaller number simply because it awards a legislative victory to a black president.  Count Beck and Limbaugh in this last category.

Now many of the Republicans are already calling to repeal the act, and Sen. McConnell earlier said that should be the chief plank of Congressional candidate platforms this year.  Michele Bachman says she has already filed a bill to repeal it.  <sarcasm>Sure, let’s make it standard procedure to file a bill to repeal every law on votes which we lose.</sarcasm>  Get real!  When the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against Al Gore in 2000 and ordered Florida to stop recounting ballots, Mr. Gore graciously conceded.  It’s time for those in Congress to act accordingly.  ( I don’t expect Limbaugh, Beck, and their like to concede, they make their money by not doing so.)  However, as to members of Congress, the citizens spoke loudly in the 2008 election.  Republicans will have their chance to ask voters to turn that around this fall for Congress, but a Democrat will be in the White House until at least January 20, 2013.  So unless the Republicans get a veto-proof 2/3 of each house before then, Ms. Bachman should save filing her proposal until the convening of the 113th Congress.  And then she had better spell out the several hundred provisions of the U.S. Code to be amended, and the language to replace them.

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