The Party of Racism and the Wealthy Continues Its War on Humanity

Today the G.O.P. members of the House of Representatives appear poised to pass the fraudulently titled American Health Care Act, a bill that actually would upend the health insurance options for tens of millions of us. I write this as my wife is undergoing her second crucial repair of a severe hiatal hernia in just over a year. Without health insurance, either she would be dying or we would be literally bankrupt.

The goal of those supporting the act is to grant massive tax cuts to the very wealthy while ostensibly improving the insurance marketplace. We already know from reliable sources, even before the Congressional Budget Office has scored the bill, that the proposal does the exact opposite. If I believed in heaven and hell, then I would draw some small comfort from a belief that those who vote for the bill would spend an eternity in a fiery punishment. But I believe the only sure life is the precious one that we have for a brief moment on this world. And Republican members of Congress are bent on making that real world a living hell for the rest of us.

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